Lions Quest evaluation project

International intervention study on Lions Quest teachers' workshops

How do teachers benefit from Lions Quest teachers' workshops?

Exploring Lions Quest (LQ) programs in different countries has been the focus of discussion among LQ implementers. In order to learn more about how teachers are implementing LQ in other countries and improve training resources, Lions Quest International commissioned a study to examine implementation of LQ and teacher training in several countries. The research supervisor of the project is Professor Dr. Kirsti Lonka and the principal researcher of the research is Adjunct Professor,. Dr. Markus Talvio, both from the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Why is it important to evaluate Lions Quest program?

Even though it is widely known that LQ is an effective program, scientific evidence is important for several reasons.

First, through scientifically valid information we are better able to develop the workshops (content, length, etc.) that will promote the desired goals among participants. Second, information about the program's benefits that is evidence-based motivates Lions members to fund LQ. Third, when the program has been scientifically investigated it is easier to get financial support from various sources, for example from the European Union.

Because teachers are the key people to implement LQ in classrooms, the idea of this research is to clarify the benefits of the Lions Quest workshops for teachers.

Findings can be used to improve teacher training for LQ across multiple countries in order to ensure more effective implementation of the program to better support young people and their lives.

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